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Diverse books on Islam and tarbiyyah of Muslim children

Diverse books on Islam and tarbiyyah of Muslim children


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About Umm Abdillah Publishing

Aisha Ibrahim is the founder of Umm Abdillah Publishing and a certified Muslimah Youth Life Coach. She is a British national of Nigerian descent. In our world, few people strive towards the religion of Islam, while fewer think it is essential to teach and assist fellow Muslims towards the path of Allah. What Aisha Ibrahim has taken unto herself is phenomenal!

Aisha Ibrahim completed her education from London South Bank University where she secured first class in…

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A to Z Just like the Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam), is a book that will inspire you to send blessings on the Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam) whenever you hear his name, to take him as your ultimate role model in all that you do, from saying Assalam Alaykum to being Zealous.

why are you a muslim?

A guidance book for young Muslim children on how to respond confidently, bravely, and proudly to anyone who asks them: why they are Muslim, why they practice Islam, why they believed in Allah, or about the pillars of Islam and faith. A must-have book for every Muslim child age 7+.

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ANJUM United Kingdom, 12 December 2020

Such a wonderful book to learn the alphabet with an Islamic theme! The vocabulary is rich and it all relates to how the Prophet Muhammad (saw) would have behaved. Great opportunities for discussion. The use of repetition is amazing for little ones and it’ll definitely encourage young children to love our Prophet (saw) Bright illustrations which are colourful and fun! May Allah put barakah into this book and everyone involved. Aameen 🙂

S AKHTAR United Kingdom, 16 December 2020

This book fulfils its purpose exactly as mentioned in the blurb! It truly has many benefits all wrapped up in a simple story book I can read to my daughter for bedtime. My daughter can learn the alphabet as well as learn good etiquettes, and that the best of character and etiquettes to be followed is the Prophet (saw). I love the repetition which makes it fun to read. I can imagine young children jumping up to be excited when they hear their own names, their friends or family. The book has a warmth to it whilst reading it – I love it!!

ABDUL United Kingdom, 10 December 2020

An absolute must for all parents with young kids. The book has excellent picture quality and it’s a very interesting read. May Allah Swt reward the author of this book.

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