"Being brave and courageous will make you move forward with what lack of confidence is holding you back from.” Aisha Ibrahim

Aisha’s motivation to author children’s book comes from the fact that she is the mother of two children. Moreover, she spent almost four years in primary school where she closely observed and interacted with children of age 4 to 11 years. She also worked with several Islamic and non-Islamic learning institutes with teenagers and young adults for over six years. Spending a significant part of her adult life around kids and youth, Aisha observed that there is a need for more diverse, inclusive, multiracial, and multicultural books to educate Muslim children of different backgrounds to know Islam is for everyone and not limited to the people they know. She knew that the role of parents was crucial in building a child’s perspective and overall narrative of life.

Hence, Aisha plunged herself into the writing field and founded a publishing company. She wants to instil in children a sense of religious pride, knowledge of Islam, and practical ways to practice it. Many Muslim parents struggle to instil Islamic teaching on their kids or are too overprotective of the reality of our ever-changing world. Her books can provide children with a guide and normalise these notions in a way that a child can easily relate to, through wonderfully illustrated books with diverse characters.

Apart from authoring children’s books, Aisha also focuses on teaching the Muslim youth to reconnect back to Allah as an ultimate means to success via her online courses. She wants to be a beacon of positive change in society, with the permission of Allah (The Exalted).


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Aisha Ibrahim is the founder of Umm Abdillah Publishing and a certified Muslimah Youth Life Coach. She is a British national of Nigerian descent. In our world, few people strive towards the religion of Islam, while fewer think it is essential to teach and assist fellow Muslims towards the path of Allah. What Aisha Ibrahim has taken unto herself is phenomenal!

Aisha Ibrahim completed her education from London South Bank University where she secured first class in her academic research on behavioural self-regulation. Though she struggled with her educational progress back in 2013 due to dyslexia and lost passion for her previous course, she managed to complete her BA Education in 2016 to become a teacher.