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Amazing Lesson From My Mini Cactus

My super-resilient mini cactus was gifted to me by a lovely florist. Only Allah knows how this beautiful plant is still surviving under my care. Without water for several weeks, kids playing with it, dropped from a height of 1.5 metres (vase broke), bruised, soil not nutritious anymore, withered, you name it.

Alhamdulillah, I was guided to try this method to see what happens.. after about 3 weeks. I touched it to feel and see if there was any transformation. This amazing creature of Allah is now strong, healthy, healing its bruises, standing firm and sturdy, and growing at its own pace. How incredibly! Only Allah can create something soo beautiful.

Guess what? we can be just if not more than the cactus because Allah honours us to be human ❤️ and we can be more resilient, patient and thankful when being tested with what is beyond our control, brave and sharp when we need to be, courageous and firm at times, without losing our gentleness and beauty.

How special is the believing human? Who know their value in the sight of Allah to benefit them physically and mentally, while striving in worship, obedience and obstinance from all that is harmful, holding on to that hot coal, until the day of reunion. when all this hardship will be worth it when we are blessed to see The Beautiful Face of Allah (The Supreme).